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Kanji Learning Today: Workbook 1 Demo

Kanji Learning Today: Workbook 1 Demo Print or Download

Tap the button according to the paper size needed. Print the PDF from your device. You can also save the PDF to your device, open it with a PDF reader and use the reader to print the PDF.

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Online Kanji Learning System

A fast and effective way to learn kanji.

An Online system with interactive web pages for quick learning.
Practice with a computer, tablet or phone.

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Demonstration Online here! —> KLT: Online 1 Demo

A parallel Workbook to practice writing the kanji.
The workbook is a PDF file; the user prints the needed pages.

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Demonstration Workbook here! —> KLT: Workbook 1 Demo

All-About-It Video

Watch the video about Kanji Learning Today.

KLT video

See Kanji Learning Today for more information.


Kanji Learning Today: Online 1 Demo
Kanji Learning Today: Online Hiragana
Kanji Learning Today: Online Katakana
Kanji Learning Today: Workbook 1 Demo
Kanji Learning Today: Workbook Hiragana
Kanji Learning Today: Workbook Katakana


Kanji Learning Today was developed by Todd Adkisson.
Thanks to Marty Crouch for developing code used in the online volumes.


Japanese Accent: Penult Standard

Japanese Accent: Penult Standard is a clear and comprehensive accent system.
It is easy to understand and apply.

Kanjifind Advanced Character Dictionary

The Kanjifind Advanced Character Dictionary is an easy-to-use dictionary app.
It provides a character dictionary, a word dictionary and a name dictionary.

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