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Kanji Learning Today: Online 3


Kanji Learning Today: Online 3 is an interactive medium for learning kanji, the characters used in writing the Japanese language.

Kanji Learning Today: Online 3 covers the 862 "Name" kanji of the Jinmei List. These kanji are not formally taught during public school, but many of the kanji are covered at some point during education because they are used frequently in the Japanese language. In addition, the Ministry of Justice has officially permitted these kanji to be used in names. Kanji Learning Today: Online 3 presents the kanji in 44 "Sets," for which there are 264 pages, giving 2796 readings (1547 Practice readings and 1249 Special readings), as well as other information such as word examples and descriptions.

Volume Year Kanji Sets Pages Readings
Online 3 13~16 862 44 264 2796


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Each page gives 20 kanji, called a "Set." This is an ideal amount for rapid review and it matches the amount of kanji on the corresponding workbook page. The kanji of each Year are placed in 50-on order (a hiragana alphabetical order), so each set presents the next group of 20 in the sequence.

Each set has a page for Practice, Test, Special, Example, and Description.

The Practice page allows practice of each Joyo List reading (pronunciation) for the kanji in the set. The Joyo List is a list of readings specified as "common" by the Ministry of Education in Japan; they are taught in schools.

The Test page gives a multiple choice test for each reading that was on the corresponding Practice page.

The Special page gives readings that are not specified by the Joyo List, and therefore are not on the Practice page, but are nevertheless associated with the kanji. Many Special readings are important.

The Example page presents 2 example words for every kanji. These are common words, and, when possible, they have been selected to give two different readings of the kanji.

The Description page presents the "elements" that comprise the kanji as well as a brief illustrative explanation of the pictographic meaning. Kanji Learning Today: Online 2 and Kanji Learning Today: Online 3 give only the elements.

Kanji Learning Today: Workbook 3

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