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Kanji Learning Today: Online Hiragana

Hiragana Full Test — Set 1

Tap correct answer. Equivalent katakana is shown on right.

TOC   Workbook Hiragana   KLT: Online 1 (Demo)

  so   e     [ソ]
  su   mu     [ム]
  se   mi     [セ]
  ru   ro     [ロ]
  sa   ki     [サ]
  to   u     [ト]
  fu   ra     [ラ]
  no   me     [メ]
  te   ko     [テ]
  wa   yu     [ワ]
  no   me     [ノ]
  ho   ha     [ハ]
  o   a     [オ]
  ne   nu     [ヌ]
  e   so     [エ]
  hi   tsu     [ツ]
  i   ri     [イ]
  shi   hi     [ヒ]
  tsu   yu     [ユ]
  wa   re     [レ]

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