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Kanji Learning Today: Online Hiragana

Hiragana Set 2 — Practice

Tap presentation to show pronunciation in English letters. Equivalent katakana is shown on right.

TOC   Workbook Hiragana   KLT: Online 1 (Demo)

    na   [ナ]    
    ni   [ニ]    
    nu   [ヌ]    
    ne   [ネ]    
    no   [ノ]    
    ha   [ハ]    
    hi   [ヒ]    
    fu   [フ]    
    he   [ヘ]    
    ho   [ホ]    
    ma   [マ]    
    mi   [ミ]    
    mu   [ム]    
    me   [メ]    
    mo   [モ]    
    ya   [ヤ]    
    yu   [ユ]    
    yo   [ヨ]    

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