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Year 1 Set 2 — Practice

Tap presentation to display reading and meaning. In presentation: red/blue = Joyo Regular, gray = Joyo Narrow. In reading: red = on, blue = kun. Number at right: Special readings quantity.

New learners may prefer Year 1 Set 2 in Romaji.     KLT Hiragana     Table of Contents

      five, fifth   3
    いつ   five, 5th of month    
  五つ   いつ   five    
    こう   mouth; port, opening    
      mouth; port, opening    
    くち   mouth; port, opening    
    こう   school; proofread    
      left, left side   1
    ひだり   left, left side    
    さん   three, third   7
      three (compounds)    
  三つ     three, 3 years old    
  三つ   みっ   three, 3 years old    
    さん   mountain   2
    やま   mountain    
      child; small object   8
      child; small object    
      child; offspring    
      four, 4th    
      four (compounds)    
  四つ     four, 4th    
  四つ   よっ   four, 4th    
    よん   four, 4th    
      thread, filament    
    いと   thread, filament    
      character, letter    
    あざ   village (address)    
      ear; hearing    
    みみ   ear; hearing    
    しち   seven, seventh   3
    なな   seven, seventh    
  七つ   なな   seven, 7 years old    
    なの   seven, seventh    
    しゃ   car, vehicle; wheel   1
    くるま   car, vehicle; wheel    
    しゅ   hand; (job suffix)   6
  手-   た-   ~ done with hands    
    じゅう   ten, tenth   6
  十-   じっ-   ten, tenth    
    とお   ten, tenth    
    しゅつ   go out; put out   5
    すい   go out; put out    
  出る     go out, depart    
  出す     put ~ out, send    
    じょ   woman, girl   3
    にょ   woman, girl    
    にょう   woman, girl    
    おんな   woman, lady    
      woman (eleg)    
    しょう   small   4
  小さい   ちいさい   small    
  小-   こ-   small    
  小-   お-   small    
    じょう   up; raise; ascend   11
    しょう   up; raise; ascend    
    うえ   up, upper, above    
  上-   うわ-   upper ~, top, better    
    かみ   upper part, top    
  上げる   げる   give ~; raise, lift <-> 揚げる、挙げる    
  上がる   がる   go up, rise, climb <-> 揚がる、挙がる    
  上る   のぼ   go up, walk up <-> 昇る、登る    
  上せる   のぼせる   bring ~ up    
  上す   のぼ   bring ~ up    
    しん   forest    
    もり   forest    

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