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Year 1 Set 1 — Description

Tap presentation to display description and meaning.

New learners may prefer Year 1 Set 1 in Romaji.     KLT Hiragana     Table of Contents

    一 (いち、one; bar)。A single finger held sideways.   one
  口、一、ノ   口 (くち|、mouth)。Right hand (shorter stroke than 左) brings chopsticks to mouth (lower right).   right, right side
    雨 (あめ —、rain)。A cloud (top line and enclosure) carries raindrops.   rain
  冂、一、丨   冂 (けいがまえ、down facing box)。Original shape indicated enclosure and then became associated with round coins.   yen; circle
    王 (たま|、おう、ball; king)。Ax handle (top lines) and large blade (bottom line).   king, ruler
    音 (おと、sound)。Face and open mouth. Wide mouth shows tongue in center.   sound, noise
  一、丨、丶   一 (いち、one; bar)、丨 (ぼう、rod)、丶 (てん、dot)。From current location (top), points downward.   down, below
    火 (ひ|、fire)。Flames emit from firewood (center).   fire, flames
  艹、化   艹 (くさかんむり、grass: alt of 艸)、化 (ばける、change; E)。Plants viewed by people (bottom left and right; right is inverted).   flower
    貝 (かい|、shell)。Two sides of a shellfish come together.   shell, shellfish
  子、畄、冖   子 (こ|、child)、畄 (ツ、なおがしら、small: alt of 小)、冖 (わかんむり、cover)。Hand gestures (top) used to instruct child.   study; school
  气、爻   气 (きがまえ、steam)、爻 (めめ、mix)。Air currents moving around object (bottom).   air, gas; spirit, vitality
  乙、ノ   乙 (おつ、second)。Bent elbow (right bottom) with hand signaling numbers (left).   nine, ninth
  亻、木   亻 (にんべん、person: alt of 人)、木 (き|、tree)。A person takes a break under a tree.   rest, vacation
  王、丶   王 (たま|、おう、ball; king)、丶 (てん、dot)。Three beads are threaded on a string (vertical).   jewel, gem
    金 (かね|、gold)。Soil contains bright objects such as gold.   gold; money; metal
  穴、工   穴 (あな —、hole)、工 (たくみ|、craft)。A hole is made by a chisel (bottom).   sky; air; empty
    月 (つき、moon)。The leftward arch resembles a crescent moon.   moon; month
    犬 (いぬ、dog)。A dog’s back (horizontal) with legs below and ear at top right.   dog, hound
    見 (みる、see)。An eye on legs represents a person with large eyes walking. Bent right leg shows movement.   see, look at

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