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A fast and effective way to learn kanji.

Kanji Learning Today is an excellent kanji learning system. A learner can begin to remember many kanji in a short amount of time. The user can practice with a phone, tablet, or computer.

The system presents 20 kanji on each page, and the user advances through the pages at his or her own pace. This allows review of hundreds of kanji in a single study session, and a reading level is soon established.

See details below about the quantity of kanji, the separation to "Year" levels, and other important information.

The system gives all kanji from Year 1 (elementary school first grade) to Year 12 (high school last grade) — 2,136 characters — the entire Joyo Kanji List. These kanji are essential for reading Nihongo.



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A parallel Workbook to practice writing the kanji. The workbook is a PDF file; the user prints the needed pages.


Kanji Learning Today Volumes

Kanji Learning Today is divided into Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3.

Volume 1 ("Education" 1026 kanji, Years 1~6) is available at no charge.

Volume 2 ("Graduation" 1110 kanji, Years 6~12) requires a subscription.

Volume 3 ("Names" 863 kanji, Years 13~16) requires a subscription.

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Kanji Learning Today Details

The full series of Kanji Learning Today 1, 2 and 3 covers 2,998 kanji characters.

New learners should focus on Kanji Learning Today Volumes 1 and 2, which in combination cover the entire list of Joyo Kanji (常用漢字). These are the 2136 kanji taught in the Japanese school system and approved for use in government documents. In some places on this site, "Edu" is used as an abbrevation for Education, the kanji taught in elementary school, and "Grad" is an abbrevation for Graduation, the kanji taught at the secondary level.

Advanced learners can add Kanji Learning Today Volume 3, which covers the list of Jinmei Kanji (人名用漢字). These are the kanji approved for use in names, in addition to the Joyo Kanji, by the Ministry of Justice. Many of these are not essential for general reading, but the kanji of Year 13, the first section of this volume, are used with some frequency.


Ministry of Education Version

The current version of Kanji Learning Today Volume 1 Online and Workbook uses the Monbusho (Japan Ministry of Education) list that was in effect until 2019. The list was changed 2020 to move 20 characters from the junior and senior high school characters (KLT "Graduation" kanji, Years 7~12) to the elementary school characters (KLT "Education" kanji, Years 1~6). The changes will be incorporated in KLT at a later date and this paragraph will notify that the current version matches the 2020 Monbusho list.



Kanji Learning Today was developed by Todd Adkisson. Thanks to Marty Crouch for developing code used in the online volumes.


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