Japanese Accent - Penult Standard

Accent Learning System

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Accent Explained by Word Type

Japanese Accent: Penult Standard is a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand explanation of how Japanese words are accented. This helps proper pronunciation of the language.

The system has 12 lessons, divided by word type, such as verbs and nouns. Each lesson includes an online video. Text that matches the video is given on the page for at-your-pace review.


Accent Examples

The lessons include 317 word examples and 155 sentence examples. The examples are given in specially constructed blocks that show the accent in hiragana, then again as furgana when using kanji to represent the word.

Example Word

stop ~

Example Sentence

あおくるまる。しろくるまた。 I will stop blue cars.
I stopped white cars.

Non-Intuitive Details Explained

While the central premise is clearly explained starting in Lesson 1, there are many non-intuitive details that are carefully described throughout the series. These details concern topics such as the following.

Accessing the Accent Lessons

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